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Friday, 05 May 2017 10:20

Research Based... Applied in Practice

This core set of factors was identified as the framework for success through four separate avenues of investigation:

  1. Interviews with executives on how they tackle project troubles and where they see the biggest benefits.
  2. Research surveys with hundreds of project stakeholders on what is lacking in their projects and impeding their success.
  3. Literature Research using time-tested and respected business books (see below) many of which are research works themselves.
  4. Experience from nearly three decades of assisting companies in resolving core project failure issues (not just fixing a single project). These are not simply researched topics. These techniques have been used successfully.

Partial List of Referenced Works:

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Available Worldwide

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Not in the US? No need to worry. Filling Execution Gaps: How Executives And Project Managers Turn Corporate Strategy Into Successful Projects will available online and worldwide from the day of its publication in September 2017.  

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